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Hello everyone! I am pursuing my doctorate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, New York. My area of research is Optical Electronics. My research include and development of specialized fiber optic cable, fiber fabrication and testing at Specialized Fiber Optic Research Lab at Syracuse University. I am also working as Electrical Engineer II at Anaren, East Syracuse.
During the course of my academic career the courses that always interest me are VLSI / ASIC design, Digital and Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Embedded System, Computer Architecture and Logic Design and analysis. My professional career has diverse experience in Embedded systems, hardware design for low power device used in Biomedical devices, FPGA based circuit simulation, Signal processing using Wavelets transform, algorithm development and implementing for Stock Market prediction, protocol development for low power RF design and developing production test software for RF module.

As you browse through my webpage you will learn more about my Personal and Professional life. I whole heartedly welcome you my web page. If you have any query or question form me you can contact me on the Contact information .